Build your truck the way you want it

We can help you find exactly the right build for your truck to make it exactly what you want without any of the headache.  Click the button below to schedule a build meeting where we'll build your truck or vehicle right in front of your so you know exactly what you're buying. 

3 Ways to Save $500 to $1000 on Wheels, Tires & A Lift Kit

What we do

We build vehicles their owners only dream about

Whether you want a SEMA build, a levelling kit or you just need some new wheels and tires on your truck, SoCo is the shop you need.  We can make it happen for you within your budget, fully warrantied, and you won't find better quality in any shop in Colorado.

What we do

Lift Kits, Lowering Kits & Leveling Kits

We'll work with you through our aftermarket design center to build the exact look and ride you're looking for in your truck or vehicle

Our unrivaled crew leads the industry in this arena. We would love to help bring your dream vehicle to life. Come on in to our design center.  We love to let the creative juices flow! Our specialists will work with you to build a head-turning, custom, one-of-a-kind truck or car you'll be proud to show off. Together let's make your dream a reality! Call us today to set up a build meeting to discuss your truck and what we can do it!!

What we do

Truck, SUV & car tires

We carry almost every reputable tire manufacturer and can outfit your truck or vehicle with whatever you need and want when it comes to rubber

There are so many different types and styles of tires.  And it can be a confusing process to find the right tire for your needs and wants.  Let our more than 20 years of experience in the wheel and tires business and the relationships we've formed help you find exactly what you want for your vehicle. And we have in-house state of the art alignment equipment to make sure you get all the miles out of them. 

What we do

Wheels & Rims

Huge selection of name brand wheels and Rims at our fingertips to give you the look and function you need for your vehicle

We can meet all of your needs when it comes to wheels and rims.  There is a wide variety of wheel designs and manufacturers that offer any type, size, and style of wheel you can think of. Whether you need to choose a safe and functional stylish wheel for your SUV or a fresh new and extravagant look, we have the knowledge, wisdom & experience to guide you through the process. 

Let us know exactly what you want, or just give us an idea and we'll design it, find it, and install it. 

What we do

Four Wheel Alignments

Our state of the art aligning equipment guarantees the most accurate readings and alignment adjustments in the industry

An alignment is a crucial aspect to maintaining your vehicle's tire life and performance as the manufacturer intended. Would you like to see if your vehicle's alignment is in tip-top shape? 

Drop it off at SoCo Customs & Complete Auto Repair for a FREE alignment check today.

*Call ahead appointments are required.*

why we do it

Pop Landess

our showroom was built in his memory 8/1/1929 - 11/23/2017

We founded SoCo Customs & Complete Auto Repair in 2018. It started as just a dream not too long ago, and we spoke of our aspirations to my Pop in the last few days of his life.

He was beyond elated for our future and was very encouraging about the whole idea. To bless us, before his passing, he gave us a few of his personal tools out of his own shop to be used in ours one day; and they are fondly being used every day. Our shop is a special place but our focal point, our showroom, was built in remembrance of a man that we love and miss dearly. Pop's showroom at SoCo is as BOLD as he was, and it is in his memory we invite you to come check it out.

Pop Landess



What our Customers are saying...

wheels and tires testimonial

Mar La

Facebook Review

I don’t think I would trust bringing my truck anywhere else. The work these guys do is impeccable. I had a 6 inch lift put on my truck and they literally had it for a day. And my truck looks awesome! Went back again and got some fender flares added. The guys over at soco are very knowledgeable, down to earth and do amazing work!!! Thank you!!!

wheels and tires testimonial

Shaun and Victoria

Facebook Review

SoCo Customs has earned our business not just for customizing our vehicles, but for general maintenance as well. They did a fantastic job on my 2010 Nissan Xterra that caused them more than their fair share of issues. The guys didn’t back down from the challenge or tell me that what I wanted to do was too difficult to do. They cut no corners and did EVERYTHING to make my vehicle look like what I had in my head. Thank you goes out to everyone who had a hand in making my ve… See More1SoCo Customs & Complete Auto Repair

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