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No matter what problem you’re experiencing with your vehicle, SoCo Customs & Complete Auto Repair can get you and your vehicle back on the road quickly and affordably.  

Whether you just need vehicle maintenance or need your head gasket changed.  Whether it’s a leaking radiator or an engine swap, we can take care of you here and make sure you get it fixed right the first time.  

One of the biggest problems consumers face when trying to find a quality auto repair shop in Colorado Springs is a lack of integrity and honesty when it comes to most shops.  It’s so easy to get taken advantage of, and so many have and have lost thousands of dollars because of it.  

And it’s easy to see why this happens.  Auto repair is a service where there is a serious knowledge and experience gap between the consumer and the expert.  Most vehicle owners have no idea what an auto repair job consists of or how long it should actually take to fix a specific problem. 

You have to rely on the explanation of the technician or mechanic.  And that’s really all you have to rely on. Hopefully, that technician and the estimate you receive from them is accurate and honest and only contains details on what actually needs to be fixed. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case many times when you get that estimate from a mechanic.  And countless people in the same position as you have spent thousands of dollars that didn’t need to be spent.  And, there’s no way to know if you’re getting taken advantage of, even if you do know what to look for.

And if you don’t have a good relationship with a quality mechanic, that could mean losing thousands of dollars throughout all the years you own vehicles. 

The only way to reduce the risk of spending money on auto repair that isn’t necessary, is to have a trust-based relationship with a shop that you know you can trust.  And that is exactly what we want to give to you when you work with us. 

colorado automotive repair

If you’ve ever had that trusted mechanic relationship where you knew you could trust the person you’re working with, you also know that you never want to let them go. 

Auto repair is a commodity, meaning that there isn’t much difference between one shop or another in how that work gets done.  We all use the same processes, tools, and information.  Most technicians are trained in a similar way.  The biggest and most important difference you should always look for is how a shop and their employees treat you as a customer.  

Most shops never get the relational aspect of how to properly serve their customers, and give them the peace of mind and trust that they are getting what they need and aren’t paying for what they don’t. That makes all the difference. 

We care about the relationship over revenue when it comes to our customers and serving them in the repair and maintenance of their vehicles.  We care about you and keeping you going to work and safely transporting yourself and your family anywhere you need to go.  And we care that you get great quality work at a great value. 

We can handle any job no matter how big or small.  And you’ll walk out of our shop smiling and bragging about your experience. 

SoCo Customs & Complete Auto Repair is one of the best and most honest shops in town when it comes to automotive repair in Colorado Springs and the front range. 

We have experienced technicians and an established process that helps us identify the real problem and fix it the right way sooner and faster with less headache for you. 

Give us a call at (719) 574-1700 and schedule an appointment to come into our design center.  We’ll sit down with you and get your truck or SUV up on our big screen so you can see exactly what your vehicle will look like with the lift or levelling kit you’re wanting looks like on your truck or SUV.  

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