November 9

Lifted 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD-Pro


Build Summary 

The Toyota Sequoia got a major update and upgrade just a few years back that coincided with the new Tundra generation. The new looks are a fresh take on these full size vehicles, and the new hybridized powertrain make this large SUV faster than it should be. This specific vehicle is also the TRD-Pro so it came from the factory with so many off-road and comfort goodies, as well as this Terra Coloration. However, this customer felt that this vehicle looked and drove too much like a “Soccer Mom Car.” 

In order to change this look from “terra orange family hauler,” we started off with the stance. We used the Westcott Designs 2/1 lift kit. This kit is labeled just like a drop kit where the front measurement is first and rear measurement is second. The front end came up 2” and the rear came up 1” to make this Sequoia level. This leaves the factory suspension intact so you can still use the switches and buttons that change up the suspension dynamics. 

The wheels are the Method 305 which are some of Method’s most popular wheels. Method is incredibly popular because they have great fitments. This wheel is an 18x9 with a +18 offset. This offset is just about perfect for maximizing the tire height we could fit, while keeping this wider tire away from the control arms. This was generally the biggest fitment hurdle with lifting these TRD-Pros and using the factory wheel offset and backspacing figures. 

These tires are one of my personal favorites; the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT. I ran these on my personal truck build and even in the worst of winter conditions; I never felt like I was unable to drive. Even as a commuter tire, they were very light on the road noise; but also had enough of an aggressive look to really set off my build. The size we went with was a 305/70R18. For those of us imperial unit folks, that is a 34.8” tall and about a 12” wide tire. Depending on the molds and sizing, these may measure out very close to the all terrain 35x12.50 tires on the market; as those molds tend to run a little bit small. 

Part of the “de-soccer-mom” process was to make this vehicle a bit quicker. We started with the aFe Power Momentum GT air intake with the dry filter. This system really breathes a lot better than the stock system and really helps those turbos breathe. We then added the aFe Power V3 Power converter. This is a plug-in tuner that uses timing and boost to really optimize how this engine runs for performance or fuel efficiency. 

This tuner has many different settings. It came out of the box on the highest race setting, but we turned that down after a block of our test drive as it tried to spin the tires at every stop sign. Even at the more moderate setting, this thing was a rocket ship. 

This was an incredible build and just some minor stance and performance tweaks have turned this vehicle into an absolute dream car. For any questions about this build, fitment, or what we can do to your people hauler; please fill out the contact form on any of our pages!

Parts List

  • Lift Kit | Westcott Designs 2/1 Lift for TRD-Pro 
  • Wheels | Method Racing 305 18x9 (+18 offset)
  • Tires | 305/70R18 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT  
  • Cold Air Intake | aFe Power Momentum GT Intake with dry filter
  • Tuner | aFe Power V3 Power Converter plug-in tuner

Note: This tire size is basically a metric 35. The measurement would equal out to about 34.8" tall x12" wide.  

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