May 15

Lifted 2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness


Build Summary 

Subaru began building the Wilderness package for their Outback and Forester models back in 2021. The Outback Wilderness boasts a 9” ground clearance that rivals most stock pickup trucks. But who would we be, as a custom 4x4 shop, to not try to increase that capability?! 

This vehicle came to us as a stock 2022 model of the Outback Wilderness. We added the Ironman 4x4 lift kit to it. This kit is designed to bring that clearance up to 10.7 inches. This is achieved through struts on all four corners of the vehicle, whereas, the competition is usually just using pucks/spacers to achieve lift. If you are building a light overland build with gear management kits, or leaving a rooftop tent on, you may want to opt for the upgraded springs on the kit. 

The customer chose to pair the bronze of the Method 502 Rally to the gold accents that were present on this vehicle. The wheels measure out to a 17x8 and have a +38 offset. This measurement will get you very close to the stock stance where the wheel is a little bit tucked. This customer opted for some spacers to bring the tires out to [almost] flush with the fenders. 

BFGoodrich tires are usually a fairly easy choice as we are working with sizes outside the norm of truck sizes. The Subaru Outback Wilderness will come with a 225/65R17 tire from the factory. Our build allowed us to clear 245/65R17 BFGoodrich KO2 tires. This will increase the footprint of the tire by ⅘ of an inch, and will bring up the tire diameter by one full inch. 

All-in-all, bringing the ground clearance up by nearly 2.2 inches, as well as achieving better capability and ride quality of the struts on all four corners, we are very impressed by what we were able to do with an already great platform. As these light overland setups have grown in popularity, there are many aftermarket options available for all generations and trim levels of Outbacks, Foresters, Imprezas and Crosstreks. If you are looking for just a little bit more in capability in your Subaru, you know who to call!

Parts List

  • Lift Kit | Ironman 4x4 2" Lift Kit 
  • Wheels | Method 502 Rally 17x8(+38 Offset)
  • Wheel Spacers | 1.25" Hubcentric
  • Tires | BFGoodrich KO2 245/65R17

Note: This suspension kit is available in a heavy load spring configuration for those that are carrying a rooftop tent consistently. 

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