June 8

Lifted 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X


Build Summary 

When GMC released plans for the Sierra 1500 AT4X, we wondered how much more they could add to a traditional AT4. Would it be a Raptor competitor or be more akin to the Tremor packages? The Chevy side of the GM suite was already a few years into the Colorado ZR2 and had just started their Silverado ZR2 platform. This AT4X appears to be a ZR2 underneath. It includes the 6.2L V8 and the Multimatic shocks and struts. Then GMC called in their Michigan neighbors, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) to accessorize. 

From the factory, this truck is well thought out from the accessories side. The AEV accessories include a custom high clearance front bumper that is winch compatible, a beefed up skid plate, electronic locking differentials both front and rear, drop hoop style side steps that can double as a slider, and a special interior.

If that is not enough for your offroad aspirations, you might ask; can it be lifted? Yes it can! We used the Rough Country 4” lift kit for the standard AT4/Trailboss and it bolted right up. The underside of this AT4X is very much the same as a traditional AT4.  We were also concerned that the Multimatic suspension would require some sort of a flash or adjustment like we have to do when we delete the adaptive ride control out of the Denali trims. That was not the case. As the aftermarket does get their hands on future AT4Xs, the kit will most likely utilize the brackets and spacers that are used on the Denali Active Ride Control kits. 

Our particular kit was upgraded with the Vertex shocks and struts from Rough Country. These are a remote reservoir shock, with the adjustable turn knobs. They have eight separate adjustments that will allow for the best on and off road ride. 

We stanced this truck out with some 20x12 Moto Metal 970 Wheels. This is the all black color with the milled rivets in the rim of the wheel. We wrapped those in one of our favorite tires; the Kenda Klever RT. They bridge the gap between an aggressive mud tire, and a street friendly all terrain. They compromise very well, while providing the aggressive side wall that you look for when finishing off a build like this. 

What is looking cool if the truck doesn’t function as a daily? So we added the Roll ‘n’ Lock Bed Cover to this build for added security. You can see in the video just how sleek this looks over the top of the bed. 

Whether you are starting with the bare bones 15 year old GMC, or the latest and greatest, off the show room floor AT4X; SoCo has the tools and expertise to make your truck dreams come true!

Parts List

  • Lift Kit | Rough Country 4" Lift  
  • Shocks | Upgraded Rough Country Vertex Remote Reservoir
  • Wheels | Moto Metal 970 20x12 Black with
  • Tires | Kenda Klever RT 35x12.50R20
  • Bed Cover | Roll 'n' Lock Retractable Bed Cover

Note: This 4" kit is the standard AT4 kit. The customer opted to go without the multimatic shocks. 

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