July 11

Leveled 2022 Ford F-350 Dually on DDC Super Singles


Build Summary

This truck build basically became the dream toy hauler build of many. Very few combinations will provide this mix of daily driveability, towing, hauling, work, off-pavement capability, long road trip comfort and looks. This customer has had a few builds done by yours truly and we definitely wanted to knock this one out of the park with new parts, and unique styling. 

This build started as a stock Ford F-350 Lariat Dually. Fords are great to level as they can fit a ton of tire with just a leveling kit. Many truck brands are guilty of using strange shaped fenders, tucking washer bottles in the fenders, and creating other fitment issues. 

This leveling kit is the Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5” leveling kit with the stage one valving. Stage one is the best entry into the aftermarket for Icon. As the valving gets more aggressive, Icon Suspensions can feel a bit more rigid on highway driving. I would liken it to a sports car. Where those more aggressive, higher number stage kits shine above all other kits is when you are driving 35mph+ on a dirt road. If you are looking for on-road comfort and performance, but can pitch it off-road at a moment’s notice, I would recommend starting off with Stage One. You can always change the shocks later. 

Now, nothing is worse than building a truck, pulling up to a parking lot, and seeing that someone with the exact same truck has the exact same wheels. We were on the hunt for a set of wheels that would be unique. Dually Design Co. (DDC) has recently jumped into the forged wheel game. Forged wheels are lighter and stronger than traditional cast wheels. DDC also has made their way into the super single market. Super Singles will look more like a custom wheel with deep lips and a big offset, rather than the “cone” shape of a traditional dually wheel. 

These wheels are called the Dually Design Co. Mesh, and this is the 22” wheel set up. The customer opted for a more traditional big rig lug rather than the spiked lugs that can be optioned for DDC Wheels. We wrapped those in a 35x12.50R22 BFGoodrich KO2. 

Our techs did an incredible job of not only assembling this air kit, but also finding creative ways to hide the features. We used Airlift 7500 Series bags to prevent sagging or squatting when this customer hauls an in-bed camper, and tows a boat at the same time. If a customer is wanting to save a little bit of money, we can run a schrader valve to the rear bumper. That was not going to cut it for this customer. He wanted a system that could be adjusted on the fly, as well as have auxiliary air to fill tires, lake toys etc. 

The Viair Compressor was the option that we chose. This kit includes the lines, fittings, and everything you need to route these options. It also includes a gauge that we hid in the upper glove box on this generation of Super Duty. We had a neighboring machine shop that created a plate for this set up. This allowed us to organize the compressor and fittings underneath the truck and easily mount. To finish off, we used the Airlift WirelessONE kit. This is a remote controlled bluetooth compatible controller. We highly recommend pairing it to your phone through the app. As one of our other customers so eloquently stated “If you are towing boats, it is just a matter of time before the remote ends up in the lake.” Keep the remote hidden in the console for emergencies, but the convenience of phone control is unmatched as a Plan A. 

I would title this truck as the NO COMPROMISES build. It is comfortable in any and all settings that you would expect from a truck. SoCo Customs at 719-574-1700 should be your first call to get a build like this. We look forward to speaking with you.


Parts List

  • Leveling Kit | Icon 2.5" Level Stage 1 
  • Wheels | Dually Design Co. Mesh 22" w/ Super Single Fronts 
  • Tires | 35x12.50R22 BFGoodrich TA KO2 
  • Air Tank and Compressor | Viair with Onboard Air Add-On | VIAIR
  • Air Bags | Airlift Load Lifter 7500 Series
  • System Air Control Module | Airlift WirelessONE

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