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Lifted 2024 GMC Sierra 3500HD Ultimate


Build Summary 

We have grown very well acquainted with the 2024 Facelifted GMC Sierra HD trucks. We have seen a ton of the Denali Ultimate trim and are very impressed with the quality of the interior. This cab is definitely a place that you can spend a long time in on longer trips. It has the kind of interior that you would expect from a $95,000+ build sheet. 

What can SoCo do to improve an already great truck? Well we started off with a lift kit, of course. The Cognito brand of lift kits is one of our favorites for these GM Heavy Duty Independent Front Suspensions. This is the Cognito Motorsports Four Inch lift kit. This customer wanted to fit a 37” tire, without a ton of gap in the fenders.

The customer also opted to upgrade the shocks to the Fox 2” remote reservoir shocks. To keep it simple, remote reservoir shocks have a few benefits; First they have more fluid to keep temperatures in check and eliminate shock fade on long days of off road driving, and second there is more room to valve this shock to create different shock behaviors for different kinds of bumps. Much like the monotube shocks, these control extra movements on the truck. Where the stock shocks will tend to bob and struggle to control the extra bounce that the heavy duty parts create over an expansion joint or large bump, these monotube and remote reservoir shocks will have a much more performance oriented feel. Everything on this dually is overbuilt and the shocks had zero problems controlling the movements.

I had to drive this truck across town for a photo and video shoot and it rode like an absolute dream. The last year has not been kind to our roads here in Colorado Springs, and this truck didn’t perform any dental work on my molars as I hit pavement imperfections of all types. A dual rear wheel truck has no business riding like this. 

The wheels are the Dually Design Co. (DDC) Aftermath in a 22” wheel. We went with the black and milled color way, and the standard lug caps. There are options to go with spiked lug caps as well. The DDC wheels are designed to look like a big rig 10 lug, but you do not need to run any adapters or spacers. While we went with the standard dually fronts, they do have a forged super-single option that we will highlight in a future build. 

We wrapped those DDC wheels in the Kenda Klever RT. They are a 37x12.50R22 and look awesome. I am a huge fan of how this all lines up and makes room for big tires without adding a ton of wheel gap. 

When lifting a truck, most of these kits will level the truck out. You lose the rake that allows the truck to get loaded down without throwing the low beams up into the sky. To compensate for this softer suspension, we used the Air Lift components to help get some more towing support. The bags are the 5000 Ultimate Series, and we paired that with the Wireless One kit from Air Ride as well. This is an all in one compressor and controller. It comes with a remote, but can also be paired up to your phone. Most of my customers will opt for the phone since the remotes are likely to get left on a bumper and get lost when you drive off. 

SoCo works hard to ensure that you get your own unique truck without compromising on the stuff that these trucks are designed to do. For a truck build of your very own, give us a call at 719-574-1700, or fill out the contact form on this page. We can not wait to get you dialed in on your dream truck.

Parts List

  • Lift Kit | Cognito Motorsports 4" 
  • Shocks | Fox 2.0" PSRR Series with Remote Reservoir
  • Wheels | Dually Design Co Aftermath 22" Standard front, standard lug cap
  • Tires | 37x12.50R22 Kenda Klever RT
  • Air Bags | Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate 
  • Compressor and Controller | Air Lift Wireless One 2nd Generation

Note: Most kits at or above 4" of lift will require cutting of crossmembers for independent front suspension trucks.

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