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2024 GMC Sierra 2500HD Ultimate Lifted; Black on Black


Build Summary 

Recently, we got our hands on another 2024 GMC 2500HD Denali Ultimate; this time in black. As I have said before, the underside of these trucks is largely unchanged from the outgoing 2020-2023 models. Most aftermarket/mechanical parts will still fit the current generation. 

This truck came to us bone stock. We installed the 5” Rough Country lift kit on this truck. The kit is the non torsion drop lift kit and you can see how it differs from the kit that we installed on the 2024 GMC 2500HD Denali

We upgraded this kit with the M1 Monotube shocks. The monotube shocks are an absolute must if you are trying to gain better ride quality and a more “planted” feel for these tires. Without getting too far into the weeds, the basic benefit is that the design doesn’t allow air to touch fluid in the system. After long days of punishing use, twin tube shocks (or the style that is OEM on the vehicle) can tend to fade. Heat builds up,the shock fluid gets air bubbles, and causes the shocks to no longer have the control over the suspension system. Monotubes allow for better and longer lasting performance, on-road manners, and better tuning capabilities than their twin tube counterparts.

These Hardrock Offroad wheels are very unique. We had never seen a truck with these on them. As you look closer, you can see that they are a blend of concave, as well as the wide lip that you see on show trucks. This wheel measures out at a 22x12 with a -51 offset so there will be plenty of wheel outside of the fender well. 12 wides will give a wide and outside look. 

We finished off this build by wrapping these 22s in some 35x12.50R22 Toyo MTs. These tires have remained largely unchanged since the early 2000s, and builders still swear by them. The latest and greatest in mud tire technology has been no match for the tried and true Toyo. We definitely applaud the “if it ain’t broke” mentality of Toyo. 

For a truck build just like this one, or one that is as unique as the prints on your fingers, you can reach us at 719-574-1700. Or fill out the form below and we can get in contact with you!

Parts List

  • Lift Kit | Rough Country 5" Non Torsion Drop
  • Shocks | M1 Monotube Shock Upgrades
  • Wheels | Hardrock H505 22x12 (-51 offset)
  • Tires | Toyo Open Country MT 35x12.50R22

Note: When running 12-wide tires, generally you will be unable to run the factory mud-flaps/splash guards. We suggest removing those from at least the front wheel wells. 

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